About Us

A Little Bit About Us

CannaSOS.Shop is an online marketplace home to thousands of products, businesses, and users. In order to further support the hemp and cannabis industries, assist in helping users gain access to new products, and further support health & wellness, we have decided to create this online portal called the CannaSOS Marketplace. We have put our heart and soul into it – just like with CannaSOS.

The CannaSOS Marketplace was founded and developed by Core State Holdings, Corp., a Toronto-based company. Although the CannaSOS Marketplace is a large project, it was not the first. Core State has already developed the cannabis social network called CannaSOS.com, and the crypto wallet called PTPWallet; both of which have been helping thousands of people.

Our Philosophy

You Don’t Need To Look Through A Million Websites To Find The Right Product!


There are trillions of websites on the internet, with millions of those selling certain products. This causes headaches and makes it more difficult for you to purchase the right product. Therefore, with the CannaSOS Marketplace, everything is on one website!

With a customer-oriented focus, shopping with the CannaSOS Marketplace keeps the migraines away.

About CannaSOS

Throughout the past six years, we have been developing CannaSOS. We are truly honored to build such a platform, a platform that; connects, educates, allows users to post and share information, allows users to vote on content they like, promotes freedom of speech, allows businesses to expand their network, and that has the largest and most informative North American-based strain database in the world. Since creation, the platform has seen over 17,000,000 visitors and over 1,900 businesses registered.

What are the main types of products offered in the marketplace?

Our Target

Provide an online marketplace where buyers will be protected, where affiliates will earn a lot of money, and where sellers will be able to expand their business network. Trust and transparency are what we value most.

CBD Product Statistics

How Common are CBD Products?

  • Over 64 million people in the US have tried CBD more than once within the span of 24 months.
  • 23% of CBD users say that CBD helped them replace/supplement prescription or OTC drugs.
  • Over 33% of adults in the US have used CBD products more than once.
  • Over 63% of Americans are familiar with CBD and CBD products.

U.S. Statistics

  • In 2019, California brought in $730 million in CBD sales, Florida brought in $291 million, and New York brought in $215 million.
  • 50 States have approved the legalization of hemp-derived CBD products, as long as the products contain no more than 0.3% THC.
  • CBD consumers mainly use CBD products for pain relief, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • CBD web searches has increased by over 193% since 2017.
  • Colorado tops the list for overall cannabis sales, having seen a revenue of over $1.3 billion since 2014.

Hemp farmland increased from 25,000 acres in 2017 to 78,000 acres in 2018, to 146,000 in 2019, and to at least 230,000 by the end of 2021.

Who has Tried CBD?

  • 18 to 29 – 31% of people have tried CBD
  • 30 to 49 – 27% of people have tried CBD
  • 50 to 64 – 15% of people have tried CBD
  • 65+ – 11% of people have tried CBD

Method of Consumption

Half of CBD users prefer to use oils/tinctures, gummies, and balms/lotions. Nonetheless, there is always a market for other products:

  • 20% interested in tablets/capsules/tablets
  • 15% interested in topical sprays
  • 13% interested in vaping-related products
  • 12% interested in CBD-infused food, such as candy and cakes
  • 12% interested in CBD-infused drinks, non-alcoholics
  • 11% interested in soap
  • 9% interested in CBD bath bombs and salts
  • 8% interested in skincare products

Staying In Touch

Throughout the following months and years, we will continue to strive towards bringing you the most pleasant, engaging, user-friendly experience possible.

Stay in touch with us and the community through CannaSOS.com and through our CannaSOS.shop News portal.