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Refer Once, Make Money for Life!

At the CannaSOS Marketplace, we’ve created a unique algorithm that ties every single referral link to a CannaSOS Account. When a user clicks on a referral link and registers an account before making a purchase, the referral now becomes part of your referral network. As long as their account is active, you make a referral commission!

  • A user becomes a referral through the referral link, but become part of your network once they create a CannaSOS account via that same referral link
  • Once a referral is part of your network, they remain part of it and they are not obligated to use the referral link
  • No one can ever take your referral
  • The program is free for everyone, including Sellers
  • No minimum/maximum referrals
  • Make commission off of each purchase*

*The size depends on the product and the product category.

Why You Should Use This Affiliate And Influencer Program

High Conversion Rates. Through your referral link, consumers get access to a huge number of products, including discounts. Due to the way the site is developed. If you direct a referral to a product, and for some reason, the referral did not like that particular product, the chances of them purchasing another product in the same category is still high. Because of this, your traffic conversion rate will remain high and will be higher than any other programs offered on other sites.

30-Day Cookies. If your referral creates an account on CannaSOS.Shop within 30 days after clicking the affiliate link, you will receive a lifetime commission from all their purchases. Conversions that occur during the 30-day window guarantee that your buyer will be in ONLY your network for life and you will receive a commission on all their purchases from any Seller.

High Earnings Potential. The Affiliate Program allows you to earn from 5% up to 50% on each order (not including TAX and Shipping). Each product has its own Affiliate Offer, set by the Seller.

You Earn Either Way. If the Seller does not create an Affiliate Offer on a product, then CannaSOS.Shop, on the house, will provide you 5% commission from the order (not including TAX and Shipping). Therefore, no matter the situation, you make money.

Discount Funnel. You can choose products with the highest discounts to increase your traffic and to double your conversion rate.

Guaranteed Payment. CannaSOS guarantees payment to you. At any time, you are free to withdraw the funds to your bank account.

Lifetime Earnings. CannaSOS.Shop gives you the opportunity to earn your ENTIRE LIFE. Literally! Each of your visitors/customers/referrals is linked to your CannaSOS.Shop network for the lifetime of the account. Each registered buyer increases your revenue exponentially.

Complete Transparency. Trust and transparency are what we value most. Our platform is filled with helpful information, displays to you a history of all purchases made by your referrals displays the amount of funds you have earned, and much more. If anything comes up, you are always free to check out our help page or email us.

Some Cool Facts:

1) 1 in 5 people that click on your referral link become a Permanent Buyer. You don’t need to remarket them.

2) A new referral customer has a 16% higher lifetime value than your average customer

3) Affiliate and referral customers usually bring you a 25% higher profit margin.

4) Over 90% of consumers trust referrals from people they know, thus, increasing the chances of a sale.

5) When compared with the average customer, referrals usually spend 200% more.

Although there are many more interesting facts that you can find online about referral and affiliate marketing, one thing is for sure: with CannaSOS Shop, you can create for yourself a passive, financial foundation by spreading the word about the CannaSOS brand, our CannaSOS Shop services, and the products on the platform.

Below are a couple of ideas on how you can attract more referrals:

  1. Send out emails to your connections and network*
  2. Create in-depth articles reviewing products, publish them in CannaSOS News or other blogs
  3. Promote via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others*
  4. If you have your own site, you can setup Banners with referral links
  5. Press releases
  6. Video reviews on Youtube or Vimeo, TikTok, Instagram, or other platforms
  7. Have the referral link in your email signature

*If you decide to send out emails, messages, or other forms of content, it should be in accordance with GDPR and CAN SPAM rules.

Affiliate Media

You are the owner of an online media resource, a news site, or a social platform encompassing a large community. All owners have a couple of big questions – how do I effectively monetize my traffic? How do I make a consistent income flow? How do I make it so that when, and if, my traffic has decreased – revenue continues to either grow or remain the same?


What’s the way out? How to ensure a constant income from your online resource?


There is a way out! Use our Affiliate Program. By connecting your account to this program, you get the opportunity to build your own customer network that will generate for you an active revenue stream. In addition, each referral will be tied to your account and you will be able to receive a commission on the lifetime of the referral’s account!

Any purchase made now or even 25 years in the future, you receive income from 5% up to 50% of the purchase price!

No headaches. Consistency. Every referral is tied ONLY to you.

Where to start now? Fill out the form below

Earn with the CannaSOS.Shop Affiliate Program!

We are inviting everyone to become an Affiliate for certain health & wellness, hemp, and CBD-related products that become launched on CannaSOS.Shop. Topicals, tinctures, and possibly even edibles.

We provide a commission on a lifetime basis. Build your network of Buyers and earn a commission from each of their purchases for the lifetime of their accounts!

Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you!

All Are Welcome To Join!

Content Creators (bloggers, vloggers, reporters, copywriters, etc)


Product Review Websites

Shopping Sites

Marketing Agencies

Media and News Sites

Coupon Sites

Loyalty/Reward Sites

Social Media Platforms

Sub-Partner Networks

And anyone who wants to have a solid financial foundation!

Frequently asked Questions

Q: For whom is the Affiliate Media program created?

A: The Affiliate Media program is designed for any media resource, such as; news sites, information sites, blog sites, forums, social groups, and others.


Q: Why is the Affiliate Media program of importance to media channels?

A: Due to the COVID situation, selling advertising directly has become very difficult for different media resources. In addition, selling advertising directly does not bring much constant income. Advertisers mainly use search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other platforms to place ads. Search engines usually pay very little and not constantly. The cost of advertising has increased for advertisers, while revenue for media outlets have fallen. This is especially true for small media resources. The drop in traffic is directly related to ad revenue. If you have seen a drop in traffic from search engines, then logically you will be in a tough spot as advertising revenue has also fallen.

CannaSOS.Shop offers you a completely different way of receiving income. Revenue is based upon the sales of different products to your visiting traffic. Other than just distributing the affiliate link on your site so that there are more clicks, you don’t need to do anything. The most effective ways are: article reviews, advertising the product via banners or pop-ups, and recommendations. Until your registered purchasers delete their account on the CannaSOS platform, you receive from them commission off of their purchases on a lifetime basis. It does not matter if tomorrow you will have no traffic or you will close your website – you will still keep receiving your commission from each purchase done by the Buyers registered under your Affiliate account. This can be 1 year from now, 5 years from now, 20 years from now. Our platform provides you with the opportunity to increase your income constantly. There are no limits to your revenue stream and we don’t set a monthly maximum.


Q: How much revenue can I get from being an Affiliate Media?

A: The commission varies from 5% to 50%. This commission percentage is assigned by the Seller upon creating a Product Listing and is entirely dependent on the Seller. If the Seller does not assign a percentage, then CannaSOS provides to you 5% by default.

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