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785 companies registered as of February 25, 2021

The following are the main categories that registered companies are interested in

Hemp/CBD Tinctures: – 27%

Hemp/CBD Topical – 18%

CBD Edibles – 12 %

Vitamins & Supplements – 9%

Hemp Clothing – 8%

Hemp & CBD for Pets – 6%

Others Categories – 20%

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Frequently asked Questions

Q: Our business sells its own brands only to distributors or retailers directly, how can CannaSOS.Shop help us grow our B2B network and retail sales?

A: Our algorithms for the sale of products consist of several parts: The product is presented in the product catalog in the CannaSOS marketplace. The Merchant/Seller enters all the necessary information about the product, including its properties and benefits, pictures, and the retail Suggestion Price. As soon as the product passes moderation, it will start to appear in the product feed and the search menu. All search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. will start indexing the product after moderation (depending on the algorithms in the search engine, this process will last from 1 to 3 months). After moderation, CannaSOS will automatically advertise and present your product to all visitors of the marketplace, especially to all retailers. As soon as a retailer or distributor likes your product, they can contact you directly. If you allow them to sell your product, they then will have to go through the second step. The retailer selects a product from the catalog and adds a Listing Offer. This includes additional information about the delivery of the goods to the buyer and the cost of the goods. In addition, B2B companies can attract their own distributors and retailers to the CannaSOS marketplace to increase their sales for their products. Thus, businesses, working only in the B2B field, get the opportunity to expand their network of distributors and retailers. It is very important to note that Buyers will leave their reviews on your Sellers’ Product Listings. Through these reviews, you will be able to monitor how Sellers perform their service with regards to the sale of your products.

Q: Why should a Seller register in advance on the “Become a CannaSOS Seller” page if the CannaSOS.Shop platform is not yet launched?

A: As soon as you register in advance, you are placed first in line to be contacted and to have the ability to place your products on the platform. The faster your products are on the platform, the likelier the chances of it being at the top of the front page. As we launch the platform, we will do email blasts promoting our currently partnered Sellers, showcasing their products. We may even promote the “Top Products” through the CannaSOS advertising platform, for new visitors to see. Throughout the quarter, we expect the reach to be more than a million potential buyers. And you won’t pay for it. After a certain period, such marketing service will be provided selectively and for a fee. Use the opportunity!

You also need to understand that all products are indexed on search engines, with the average indexation taking 1-3 months. The faster your products are on the website, the faster it is indexed, and the faster it will receive additional customer traffic.

Q: What is the difference between Shopify, e-commerce-like platforms, and the CannaSOS.Shop marketplace?

A: There is a big difference. On different e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, you will receive convenient tools for creating your online store. However, once you have created your store and created Product Listings, you are faced with the challenge of where you should find visitors. Normally, the conversion rate for basic online stores is around 3.5%, thus logically you’d want to find a lot of visitors. CannaSOS.Shop works on a different principle. Because of the fact that we already have visitors on the website, once you upload your products and they pass moderation, your products are shown to our audience and you as a Seller do not need to worry about where to get Buyers. Your task is to just simply present your products correctly, beautifully, create the write title and captions, and provide good customer service. Of course, if you share your product listings on different social medias, you will see more traffic. In general, the higher your rating on both the business and your products, the more sales you will see.

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