Reviewer Program

How can I Become a Reviewer?

To do this, you need to fill out a Reviewer Program Form for Users, or a Reviewer Program Form for Pets, and wait for the company to get in contact with you and send you additional information.

What Products can I try and Where do I Write my Review?

You will be able to try out for free any product that will be made available by CannaSOS for review; so long as you are part of the Reviewer Program. We will publish different product lists and links to these products.

As soon as you receive a product, you will need to try it/test it, and based off of the experience, write a review in the product listing on CannaSOS.Shop. You can also attach photos to it.

Based on your testing, an average product review will be generated. This will help the buyer understand exactly what the product is for and how it works.

What is the Purpose of the Product Reviewer Program?

The Reviewer Program (and reviews in general) is conducted in order to collect the most truthful information about a certain product. This information will be based on numerous reviews.

The more positive reviews there are, the higher the product will stand in the product feed. Therefore, the company is interested in promoting high-quality products on the market.

Can a Reviewer do a Video Review of a Product?

Yes, you are able to do a video review. In addition, you can distribute the video review URL on social networks, like Facebook, with an affiliate link.

An affiliate link will allow you to earn lifetime commission from each registered referral.

Does a Reviewer Need to buy a Product or pay for Shipping?

No. The product to be reviewed is provided by the seller, and the shipping is carried out at their expense.

Who can Provide a Product for Review?

Brands or Sellers (merchants or distributors of brands) can provide a product for review. In addition, companies with a new product that require an honest review of the product are also free to apply.

Do Products Need to Have a Certificate From Local Quality-Control Authorities?

If there is such a requirement, then yes; it will be a must-have. If there are no requirements for the targeted location, then no. Example: Clothing – does not require a quality certificate. Hemp CBD – most likely.

Should the Reviewer Program Product be Sent in a Special Package?

Sending products in a special package or size is not a necessity. Many companies usually provide small doses of their products for review (“test samples”). However, many people do use specific packaging or sizes for this.

Where Does a Reviewer Enter Their Review?

The Reviewer logs into CannaSOS.Shop as a Buyer (a basic account).

By SKU/UPC number, the Reviewer finds their product on the website, and in the ‘Reviews’ section of that particular product, creates a review with a rating.

An attached product photo is required. In total, the whole process takes 5-10 minutes.

Does CannaSOS.Shop Provide Reviewer Personal Data to Sellers?

CannaSOS.Shop does not provide Reviewer personal data to merchants/Sellers.

The only information provided is the shipping address, first name, and other shipping-related information required for the product to be shipped to the Reviewer.

What Should I do if my Received Product is Illegal, Damaged, or Looks Suspicious?

If this situation were to arise, as soon as it arises, the Reviewer is obligated to report the situation to CannaSOS.Shop.

The Reviewer needs to send us an email to [email protected], with a product photo attached and a reason as to why you feel this product is not suited for the review.

The marketplace will launch an investigation, and if deemed necessary, fine the Seller.

Must the Product Being Reviewed Have a Selling Price?

No, the product should not.

The product must have a Title, a Description, Bullet Point Information, and Images. In addition, the product must have a SKU or UPC. This is enough to conduct a review.

Do Products Part of the Reviewer Program Need a Product Listing or to Already Have Been Sold?

No, this is not necessary. You are able to provide us with an existing CannaSOS.Shop product, but this is not necessary.

Do I Have to Review the Supplier’s Product on a Third-Party Website (not on CannaSOS.Shop?)

This is excluded. All reviews must be made on CannaSOS.Shop.

The Seller is allowed to put links to their product(s) from other sources. However, if the Seller requires you to review the product on their website or another third-party source, then their product will be excluded from the marketplace and they will be fined.

If the Reviewer Wrote a Negative Review on a Product, Will it be Published?

According to our agreement with the Seller, they agree that Users of CannaSOS.Shop are able to publish any review on their Product Listings.

Keep in mind that a negative review does not have an impact on the Reviewer’s participation in the Reviewer Program and their future reviews.

Can a Reviewer buy Previously-Tested Products and Will There be Discounts?

Yes, the Reviewer can buy any product on CannaSOS.Shop, even those that they have previously reviewed as part of the Reviewer Program.

Discounts are also available where applicable, as they depend on Sellers.

Can a Reviewer Review Several Products?

Yes, Reviewers can review as many products as applicable as part of the Reviewer Program. Otherwise, Buyers are free to review any product they have purchased.

No one limits the number of reviews on CannaSOS.Shop, only if the created reviews are not real. In this situation, as part of the Reviewer Program, the Reviewer will be excluded from the program. In addition, all of their reviews will be deleted.

Anyone who makes high-quality reviews, and also participates in the Affiliate Program, will be the first to receive products for the review.

What Type of Products Will be Offered for Review?

All types of products will be offered, such as: CBD oil, hemp oil, CBD/Hemp-related edibles, topicals, tinctures, hemp clothing, pet products, and more.

What Does the Reviewer do With the Received Product?

Once the Reviewer has completed the product review, they can keep the product or do anything they please with it.

The Reviewer is not required to send the product back to the Seller.

How can a Reviewer Earn Money From Their Reviews?

If the Reviewer wants to make money on their reviews, they can share their review, with a referral/affiliate link, throughout all of their social networks.

Everyone who checks out your review and then registers on CannaSOS.Shop will remain your referral forever.

Any purchases made on CannaSOS.Shop during the lifetime of that referral, you will receive a commission. See more information here.

How Many Reviewers can a Seller Select for a Product Review?

At least 100, but no more than 50,000 people per product.

How do Reviews Help Sellers Grow Their Sales?

Reviews give a big boost to product sales. Especially if customers enjoyed the product.

If you are a Seller, by partaking in the Reviewer Program, you can send samples to your customers. If the customers liked it, they will buy the product and maybe leave a positive review.

The more positive reviews a Seller receives on their Product Listing, the more people see it and the more people will be inclined to purchase a particular product.