Overview: Sell on CannaSOS.Shop Marketplace

What is ‘Sell’ on the CannaSOS.Shop marketplace?

‘Sell’ on the CannaSOS.Shop marketplace is a module that allows both individuals and businesses to sell their products to CannaSOS.Shop customers. Registering on CannaSOS.Shop will allow you to sell your product(s) to our community.

Why should I sell on the CannaSOS.Shop marketplace?

CannaSOS.Shop marketplace encompasses product categories relating to many different fields: Health & Wellness, Hemp/CBD, Clothing, Cultivation, and others. By selling on CannaSOS.Shop, you are able to easily and quickly target the audience you are looking for, allowing potential customers to quickly find the products they need.

In addition, the site is created in such a way that the purchase conversion rate is higher than on other platforms out there. Lastly, this isn’t a “from the ground” platform with no traffic. CannaSOS.Shop has been integrated into our social network, CannaSOS.com, allowing us to direct a large amount of traffic on an on-going basis and sell your products.

What products can I sell on CannaSOS.Shop?

You can sell a wide range of products that are in the following category.

Main product categories:

  • Hemp Products
  • CBD Products
  • Non-CBD Vitamins & Supplements
  • Sport Products
  • Vape Products
  • Hemp & CBD For Pets
  • Hemp Clothing & Accessories
  • Parts
  • Books & Magazines
  • Equipment’s
  • Storages
  • Smoke Accessories
  • Growing’s
  • Medical Supplies
Does CannaSOS.Shop have its own products for sale?

CannaSOS.Shop currently does not have its own products for sale and does not resell products of other brands via private label/white label. If the situation changes, the community will surely be notified.

Our business only sells products in Wholesale (B2B). Can I sell through the CannaSOS.Shop marketplace?

Yes, you can sell your products in bulk through the CannaSOS.Shop marketplace. When you install a product for sale, specify the minimum batch and its cost.

Are there any products that I can’t sell on the market CannaSOS.Shop?

Some products are prohibited or restricted for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, safety, health, and government restrictions. For example: all CBD Oil with a THC above 0.03% is prohibited from being sold through the CannaSOS.Shop marketplace. Also, in the certain States of America, it is prohibited to sell CBD Oil online at all. Therefore, each product will be moderated in accordance with the laws of the country, province, and of course with the CannaSOS.Shop Terms of Use and Merchant Terms and Conditions.

How can I sell in Canada, America, United Kingdom, Mexico, and other regions?

When signing up as a Seller, you will have access to the marketplace and your Seller account. From there, you will have the ability to create product listings and assign them to certain geolocation. To do this, open and go through the product listing process. In there, you will see how you can create your own offer for each product, indicating the region of sale and what currency you accept. Keep in mind that you do not need to setup the product itself many times. You only set for how much you want to sell the product and the location(s) you want to target.

Are there risks for Sellers from selling their products on the CannaSOS.Shop marketplace?

Seller does not bear any risks when they create a Seller profile and a product listing. None of the products put up for sale on CannaSOS.Shop go anywhere until the product is sold. Therefore, the Seller does not need to pay CannaSOS.Shop any storage fees. As soon as a Buyer purchases a product, the Seller must send the product to the Buyer.

How can I increase my sales in the marketplace?

On the CannaSOS.Shop platform, an algorithm that has been created that encompasses many different factors. These factors have a direct impact on the number of sales a particular product sees. Factors such as, but not limited to, multiple positive customer reviews (especially those customers that have a high trust rating), the merchant has a high CannaSOS.Shop credit score and the product listing has numerous backlinks on the internet (from Affiliate marketers) that is constantly directing traffic to the product listing. The more possible factors you keep in mind, and the more successful your product becomes, the faster it will gain the attention of the CannaSOS.Shop community and the likelier the product will be shown on the front page.

Do I need to pay a fee for creating a Seller profile and selling products?

At this time, the platform provides a free plan for Sellers. Therefore, creating a profile and product listing is free. In the future, we may offer an additional subscription plan. If this occurs, we will notify the community.

On CannaSOS.Shop I see a blog with many articles, can my business publish an article about its products?

You can post an article about your products in the CannaSOS.Shop blog. The article must be unique (no plagiarized content) and must not have been placed anywhere on the internet prior. If you have a website, you must have a do-follow backlink leading back to this article from your website.

Can I create an Affiliate Program for my products? Can our business receive commission as an Affiliate Partner?

Any Seller can open an Affiliate Program for their products. When you are in the process of creating a product listing, you receive the opportunity to set a percentage of commission that you will pay for those interested in marketing the product as part of the Affiliate Program. The commission is part of the final Product Cost, is paid from the Product Cost upon sale, and does not include Sales TAX and Shipping Cost. The higher your offer, the more likely it is that marketers will promote your product to their community. CannaSOS does not charge any fees from the commission that you pay to marketers.

If you have registered as an Affiliate, you can receive a commission for the sale of products. Those that have their own websites see a large amount of product sales if they set up referral backlinks on their site, leading back to the product(s). It increases your credibility, trust, and directly channels purchasers to the necessary product(s).

How do I get paid?

CannaSOS.Shop will regularly make a payment to your Bank account and notify you that your payment has been sent. Payments can be made in CDN, USD, Euro, and crypto to your bank account, PTPWallet account, or other crypto wallets.

All payments now have a Wire Transfer Method.

For the settlement to take place, you must:

– Have a positive balance in your Seller/Affiliate account on the CannaSOS.Shop marketplace. Refunds to customers, if any, may affect your balance.

– Entered valid bank account information into the required fields in your CannaSOS account.

Seller profile on CannaSOS.Shop automatically duplicated on CannaSOS.com?

CannaSOS.com is our social network for cannabis/hemp users. It does not have any connection to the CannaSOS.Shop marketplace. Your Seller profile on CannaSOS.Shop is not duplicated on CannaSOS.com. These are two different platforms and they are not connected in any way.

What is the Buyer Protection Guarantee?

The Buyer Protection Guarantee is designed to handle situations where the customer either never received the product or received a product that is significantly different from what was ordered or expected. We ask customers to contact the Seller first when they encounter problems with an order. If the Seller is unable to solve the problem, the customer can file a claim for the Buyer’s Protection Guarantee. When CannaSOS.Shop receives a claim, we send the Seller an automated email with a detailed description of the claim. Then we request a response with basic information about the order and its execution process. As soon as we receive this information, we will determine how to resolve the claim, which may include a refund of the order cost to the customer at the Seller’s expense.

Can customers leave feedback? Why is it so important?

Yes, customers can leave reviews and their experience about the products they buy. As a Seller, maintaining a high feedback rating is a critical success factor in the CannaSOS.Shop market. We encourage Buyers to provide their feedback.

– This is the best way for Buyers to identify you as a reliable Seller. Your rating appears on the offer page and is one of the first things customers see

– Customers are more likely to buy products from Sellers with higher ratings

– Your CannaSOS credit score increases due to the high rating of your products and your business. This allows you to reduce the waiting time of any holds, and decrease the time it takes for Buyer money to appear in your account after purchase.

Why should our business participate in the Reviewer Program?

Each positive product review brings trust in the product, its manufacturer, and the Seller. The more reviews there are on a product, especially positive reviews, the higher the product will be displayed in the product feed and the higher the conversion rate. When indexing a product by search engines (Google, Bing, and others), reviews left on the product – by customers – will be indexed. Therefore, in the long run, your products can see huge traffic directly from search engines without having to allocate additional advertising budgets. This increases the sales of your products by several times. In addition, Sellers can link their products through the referral program creating an additional network of Buyers.

How many people can our business pick from the Reviewer Program to test our products?

Any number. The maximum will be determined by the number of registered users in the Reviewer Program.

Can the Seller delete product reviews that are left on a Product Listing? If a review is negative, can we remove them?

No one can edit or delete a Review from a product after it has passed moderation, which is done only by the CannaSOS Support Team. According to our requirements, the Product Review should not include advertising-related content, vulgar language, and other content that is not related to the product. If the review is made by the Buyer or as part of the Reviewer Program, and it is a negative review, then it will still be displayed on the Product Listing. On the basis of all reviews, the average review of the product and Seller will be created.

Our company has not yet received permission to sell CBD oil in Canada, can we sell our product through the CannaSOS marketplace to another country or province?

So long as your business is compliant with import/export restrictions, you can sell your product to another country or state where it will be legal and no permits are required. In addition, you will be able to accept not only your local currency but also other currencies, and cryptocurrencies as well.