Cannabis-Infused Condiments Are Amazing

Cannabis-Infused Condiments Are Amazing

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This image depicts a meal with cannabis-infused condiments.

Did you ever think that cannabis Sativa could be added to popular recipes, making them tastier and more popular? Well now, various kinds of cannabis-infused condiments are available on the market; taking your meals to a new level altogether.

We all know that CBD, one of the most important and prominent components of cannabis, comes with various medicinal and therapeutic properties. With cannabis-infused condiments, the meal becomes extra healthy.

In this article, we will discuss some popular cannabis-infused condiments that you are sure to love:

List Of The Best Cannabis-Infused Condiments

Gron CBD Chocolate Sauce

This image depicts Gron CBD Chocolate, two cannabis-infused condiments

There are many people who have very strong chocolate cravings and a general sweet tooth. For satisfying cravings and temptations, you can try Gron CBD chocolate sauce. Only the highest quality ingredients go in the making of this sauce, and include organic hemp extract and Fair-Trade cocoa powder. Add the chocolate sauce to your fruit salad, pour on your sundaes, or make your milkshake chocolatier.

This image depicts Gron CBD Chocolate, two cannabis-infused condiments, that will be used with meals.

Ganga Juice’s CBD Infused Hot Sauce

Hot sauce goes excellently with tacos as well as with scrambled eggs. If you like heat in your food, the best choice that you can make is that of Ganga Juice’s CBD infused hot sauce. If you like to add zing to your bland food, sprinkle some Ganga Juice on it. The sauce contains sun-ripened peppers, which give it a zesty taste. Adjust the amount of sauce you add to the food depending on the extent of the heat you want.

Lorax Labs Cannabis Sriracha

Another amazing cannabis-infused condiment, many people love to spice up any dish with the help of Lorax Labs Cannabis Sriracha. This condiment has a unique taste and people add it to dishes regularly. Therefore, if you are bored of bland dishes and looking to add a dash of spices to make the food yummy, try Lorax Labs Cannabis Sriracha. You will feel the difference in the taste of the food immediately and will want more of it for sure.

Goldeneye Farms Medicated Ketchup

Ketchups are the best companions of French fries, hash browns, burgers, and hot dogs. Without good tomato ketchup, these meals don’t get their right taste and flavor. Goldeneye Farms Medicated Ketchup has cannabis added to their ingredients, making it saucier and spicier. Therefore, if you want to remain medicated on the go, carry this ketchup!

CaJohn’s Burning Desire CBD Hot Sauce

We have already talked of hot sauce in this article, but this one comes with a kick of CBD. Try this sauce and you will feel the difference at once. While the CaJohn’s Burning Desire CBD Hot Sauce makes you feel the heat, you will also experience a sweet side to this sauce. This is because the hot sauce contains fruits like papaya, pineapples, and guava. The CBD oil used in this sauce is of premium quality. The savory-sweet condiment is truly outstanding in many ways.

Sweet Jane’s Mild Salsa

This image depicts Sweet Jane's Mild Salsa cannabis-infused condiments sauce.

We all know of Sweet Jane, a popular edible brand offering various kinds of cannabis-infused condiments and products. The CBD salsa by this company needs special mention in this regard. The ingredients which are used in this mild homemade salsa include onion, fresh tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, lime juice, paprika, and jalapeno peppers.

High-quality CBD isolate is used in the making of the salsa. It is understood from the ingredients that the salsa is mildly spicy and flavorful at the same time. Making a great dip or used for topping, this salsa makes any food delicious.

When Purchasing Cannabis-Infused Condiments, Check The Ingredients

Before purchasing any cannabis-infused condiments mentioned in this article, always read the ingredients used in making the product. You always need to check, just in case you are allergic to certain ingredients. In addition, look for information on the potency of the CBD used.

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