Is High Potency CBD Oil My Best Option?

Is High Potency CBD Oil My Best Option?

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In the last few years, the stigma surrounding cannabis and hemp has reduced drastically. This has been accompanied by the relaxation of laws regarding the plant, and its harvest and sale. This has led to the proliferation of cannabis and hemp products in the market. CBD-based products can be seen everywhere. In addition, you might have seen products with the wording ‘high potency CBD oil’, which may have baffled you to an extent. So, what is it?

Due to the relaxation of certain laws and restrictions in the United States, you can find many different types of CBD tinctures, gummies, and oil products. The variety of CBD oil is amazing and these products – often made by popular brands – contain various compounds, apart from CBD. You can find numerous terpenes, aroma, and other plant oil in such products. However, some users look especially for high potency CBD oil.

Why Does CBD Oil Potency Matter?

Not all CBD oil products contain the same dosage of CBD. If you are buying CBD oil to obtain medicinal and therapeutic benefits, it is necessary that you learn about the potency of the product.

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Using CBD oil can bring you relief from a wide range of health conditions, but chronic pain and certain conditions can be addressed better by only using high potency CBD oil. People coping with arthritis, chronic body aches usually look for such high potency CBD oil.

How Do I Assess The Potency Of A CBD Oil?

You can call a CBD oil product high potency if it contains approximately 1,000 to 1,500 milligrams of CBD in 30 ml of space. You also need to see what type of hemp extract has been used in making the oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil may contain a small amount of THC but you can’t overlook the additional health benefits. Broad-spectrum is a safer choice as it does not contain THC but you still get advantages of other compounds in the product.

Always Consider Your Tolerance Level

Much like THC, every person using cannabis or hemp has a certain level of tolerance for CBD. You need to figure out the amount of CBD you are comfortable with. It may need a few trial and error efforts. If you overdose on CBD, due to the compound being non-psychoactive, you will not receive a cerebral high, but side effects such as irritability, nausea, and fatigue may kick in. Before using any CBD product, think of any medications that you are possibly taking and how it may interact with the high potency CBD oil.

The Top Popular High Potency CBD Oil Products To Consider

Spruce Max Potency Lab Grade CBD Oil

This full-spectrum CBD oil contains 2,400 mg of CBD in 30 ml. With this oil, you do not receive any artificial aroma or preservatives. However, you do receive terpenes and a broad range of cannabinoids. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that this high potency CBD oil, from this brand, is on the costlier side.


FAB CBD is a big name in the CBD industry, and their full-spectrum CBD oil has 2400 mg of CBD in 30 ml. It offers CBD oil in some enticing flavours like berry, vanilla, citrus, and mint. However, for those that curious, the company does offer its CBD oil in its natural flavor. The company does provide a refund policy valid for 30 days, and the pricing is affordable.


When you want an absolutely highly potent oil, you can’t go wrong with CBDistillery’s 5,000 mg CBD oil. It is sold in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate option. The company also sells 2500 mg CBD oil, with you not having to worry about making your wallet bleed to buy it.

This image depicts the Cannabis sativa plant, from which high potency CBD oil is made.

NuLeaf Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

In this full-spectrum product, the amount of CBD per 30 ml is 1800 mg. It is made with organic hemp cultivated in Colorado, and the company relies on a tried and tested CO2 extraction method. Because of this, the price may be a bit on the moderate range.

Medterra Isolate CBD Oil

This is made from CBD isolate, with each 30 ml bottle containing 3,000 mg of CBD. It is zero THC oil, thanks to the CO2 extraction process. You also receive a broad-spectrum CBD oil variant with 2,000 milligrams of CBD. This one comes in flavors like strawberry mint and citrus.

Things To Assess When Buying High Potency CBD Oil

A few things have to be assessed when you shop for high potency CBD oil products. You have to check the source of the hemp used, with the farms using organic hemp extraction to be preferred. You also need to check the website for reviews by third-party laboratories. Some of the top CBD brands make it a point to have all their products evaluated by such laboratories, with many publishing the details online. Lastly, do not forget to check out the user reviews.

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