Martha Stewart Launches New CBD Products

Martha Stewart Launches New CBD Products

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Health-related products made with plant extracts are receiving more recognition these days. While the pandemic may have played a role in making cannabis and hemp-derived products more acceptable to the mass, there is no denying the overall growth of awareness on the subject. People are waking up to the enormous healing and medicinal power of cannabis and hemp and its major compounds like CBD. Hemp-derived CBD is being utilized to make a wide range of products, most that you can buy in shops or in online stores. Interestingly, CBD tinctures and topicals are popular but the majority of new users prefer CBD gummies. You may become baffled when checking out the wide variation of CBD products and gummies in the market. Added to the list is the new CBD line-up by Martha Stewart.

This image shows Martha Stewart new CBD oil drops Blood Orange, Neutral, and Meyer Lemon flavors.

Does Martha Stewart Have What It Takes?

The number of companies that are selling CBD products, including gummies and tinctures, is increasing. Because of this, the diva who is near synonymous with launching and endorsing lifestyle brands has joined the fast-growing segment. Martha Stewart CBD is a line-up for which she has joined hands with Canopy Growth – a very reputed cannabis brand. Interestingly, Ms. Stewart is a big fan of her own CBD line-up and she apparently loves to eat CBD gummies.

Ms. Stewart is not exactly new to soaking in new trends and technologies and she admits that. She was among the first big customers of Tesla and an early adopter of an IBM PC. It was her celeb friend Snoop Dogg who, back in 2015, got her interested in the world of cannabis. She thinks her new CBD line is targeted at all types of users. Luckily for her, the initial response has been good. She is upbeat that her 54-year-old daughter Alexis, who discards sugary foods, craves her gummies.

This image shows Martha Stewart new CBD oil drops Meyer Lemon flavor.

CBD Euphoria: It’s A New Feeling!

Usually, getting high after consuming cannabis is directly correlated to THC and not CBD. CBD is non-psychoactive and is known for inducing a relaxed effect, followed by sedation emulation. However, Martha Stewart has discovered what she calls a “CBD High”. She has stated to eat 20 of her own brand’s CBD gummies a day and nonetheless manages to stay comfortable.

It may sound excessive, as some people can barely cope with 2 gummies per day, but the company has stated that users should take about 2-3 gummies per day for the best outcome.

What Doctors Say About CBD Consumption

The medical community has contrasting views on the efficacy of CBD on human health. While the healing and medicinal properties of CBD, especially hemp-derived, are well known, there are other factors to consider. So far, the FDA has approved the use of just one CBD-based drug. More extensive studies have to be carried out before CBD can be recommended for large scale medical use.

This image shows Martha Stewart new CBD product Berry Medley Wellness Gummy.

 All CBD gummies do not contain the same ingredients. Some of them may contain THC and additives. However, Martha Stewart branded gummies are THC-free. The users also have a varying tolerance level for CBD and THC. Some people may pop in a couple of gummies and feel the effect. Others may need double the amount to feel the same effect. Medical experts also warn about a few potential side effects of CBD overuse. People may develop drowsiness, stomach issues, and reduced appetite. Then again, not all users show such symptoms.

Should You Try The New Martha Stewart CBD Line?

There is no reason not to try out the CBD products created by Martha Stewart. Canopy Growth is a well-known brand known for making products derived from high-quality hemp. However, popping in 20 gummies a day like a diva is something you should not do. Sticking to 2-4 gummies per day should be enough for most users.

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