The Best CBD Oil For Cats, A Buyer’s Guide

The Best CBD Oil For Cats, A Buyer’s Guide

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This image depicts a young kitten. This kitten has been provided CBD oil.

Mass awareness about the benefits of using key compounds in cannabis, more notably CBD (cannabidiol), has grown in recent years. It is now commonplace to see people from diverse age groups using a plethora of CBD products including CBD-infused oil, creams, and edibles. However, did you know that you can buy CBD oil for cats?

Yes, you read that right! CBD oil and other products are now available for animals, including your beloved cats. However, you have to pick the products carefully, given the fact that the market is filled with products made by so many brands.

The Best CBD Oil Products For Cats

This image depicts a cat that is hiding in a piece of fabric after taking CBD oil.

Listed below are the top-notch products containing CBD oil that you can definitely buy.


As evident from the name of the brand, PetlyCBD makes CBD products exclusively for pets. This gives this newcomer company an edge over the rivals in this segment. The company makes use of pet-safe CBD oil and other ingredients. Therefore, your beloved cat will not develop any side effects after you give themr PetlyCBD products, including the CBD oil. The brand gets its hemp from top farms in Colorado, and they also use organic ingredients to make products.

You get full-spectrum CBD oil and there will be no THC. In addition, the company also gets its pet-centric CBD products assessed by top third-party labs. PetlyCBD’s CBD oil for cats contains approximately 125 mg of CBD.


EMPE USA is known for making top-grade CBD products for pets that bring in amazing results. You can try their CBD tincture for cats, which has traces of salmon, or just straight up purchase their topicals. You can add EMPE USA’s products to any food – safely. Because of this, you will find your cat becoming more active and playful. Many users have said that after using their CBD oil, their cats have become more energetic.


This image depicts 3 cats that have taken CBD oil for cats.

This is a company that makes CBD products for pets after sourcing hemp from Scandinavia and Colorado. You can buy their Full Spectrum CBD oil for cats. In addition, their products are made using natural ingredients, with their Full Spectrum CBD oil being an excellent choice. They also have cat’s treats, apart from the oil. The treats come with 100 mg of CBD. The only downer is the products are priced somewhat steeply.

Things To Analyse When You Shop For CBD Products For Cats

You can definitely try out many other CBD products for your cat. However, when shopping for products containing CBD oil, do check a few aspects carefully.

  • The CBD oil used in the product should be sourced from organic hemp. The top brands mention the source of their hemp in the label.
  • It is better if you buy CBD oil for cats that contain full-spectrum CBD. This ensures the oil comes with all required phytochemicals. It may also contain a very small amount of THC.
  • The top brands selling pet CBD products get their products assessed by independent labs. These test results are usually found on their websites. This is important as the CBD sector is still largely unregulated and the FDA does not validate each such product.
  • It makes sense to buy CBD oil for cats products for cats that have good online reviews.

CBD Oil for Cats is Generally Deemed Safe

Generally, using CBD oil on cats is deemed safe. However, it is important that you stick to the recommended dosage. Some cat owners get over-enthusiastic and offer human CBD products to their cats. Sadly, this may not always go down well with the feline companions. You may also consult your vet regarding picking the best CBD products for your cat.

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