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This image depicts Empower BodyCare with their line up of products

The usage and popularity of CBD-based products has drastically increased throughout the past couple of decades in an unprecedented way. This is partly owing to the increased awareness of the health benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) and cannabis. It is also because of brands like Empower BodyCare, who with their high-quality CBD oil products, create a proper industry image.

A Safe, High-Quality CBD Oil Brand

The “legalize cannabis” movement has also played a large role around the globe. You can find plenty of CBD based beverages, cookies, gummies, oil, and tinctures in the shops and web stores. The abundance of products may leave you confused at times. However, not all brands making CBD-infused products adhere to industry standard practices and guidelines. If you have been looking for a safe and effective CBD oil product, Empower BodyCare’s CBD oil is a good choice. It is so good that you can gift it to your mother!

There are so many CBD brands with some of them making high-quality CBD oil, cream, and other products. However, when it comes to Empower BodyCare, it is is quite different. The founder is Trista Okel, who – in 2014 – started making CBD oil at home to bring her mother relief from pain and aches.

A Portland-based activist, she was quick to realize the potential of making and selling CBD based products. This eventually led to the creation of the company. Empower BodyCare is a leading name in the CBD oil wellness and lifestyle sector now, with a wide range of products that are growing with time.

Quick, Exponential Growth

It was in 2013 that Trista founded the company Empower BodyCare. Back then, there was a single product – their signature topical oil. It was infused with jojoba, lavender, and bergamot oil apart from CBD. The following year, she widened the brand portfolio with self-care products such as lotions and soaking salts.

In 2016, Michele White joined as the CEO of the company. Michele has profound knowledge in fundraising, helping Empower BodyCare in growing fast. She also ventured into multiple advocacy activities and wellness event organizing. Empower BodyCare donates a part of profits to organizations working for women’s rights and the LGBTQ+ community.

This image depicts Empower BodyCare CBD product line up.

In 2017, Empower BodyCare’s CBD oil made a foray into the retail market and launched the Luxe Collection. It helped the brand grow substantially. In 2018, the passing of the much-touted Farm Bill made cannabis activists and lovers ecstatic. However, this led to a number of brands joining the bandwagon that were clueless about safety and quality protocols. Empower BodyCare decided to join forces with East Fork Cultivars.

Empower BodyCare CBD Oil, Only The Best!

East Fork Cultivars is a noted organic hemp farm with USDA-certification. Therefore, it makes use of safe, extensively tested for contaminants, healthy CBD. East Fork Cultivars also gets the CBD products tested by Columbia Labs. This leaves the competition lagging behind in the quality and efficacy of products.

From the early days of preparing CBD oil in a crockpot in her kitchen, Trista has come a long way. With the support of Michele, she has developed a brand that has redefined the idea of CBD wellness. Now they live as a couple in Portland with two canine companions; who also get their dosage of CBD oil!

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