The Difference Between Hemp Oil And CBD Oil

The Difference Between Hemp Oil And CBD Oil

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Sometimes, it can become really difficult to differentiate between herbs and plants that have similar characteristics. While cannabis and hemp are both widely used for medicinal, industrial, and other purposes, they have subtle differences. You have to know the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil before you can think of buying and using either one. Both contain varying amounts of the compound CBD (Cannabidiol) but the extraction process is different.

The 2018 Farm Bill That Added Momentum

Both hemp and cannabis are not new, but legal hurdles and lack of awareness has partially hindered the growth of sales and cultivation. In 2018, the landmark, Farm Bill of 2018 was passed. It made the cultivation of industrial hemp legalized in the USA. It not only made things better for hemp harvesters, but paved the way for the legalization of CBD-related products.

Soon after, a plethora of CBD-based products started invading the market, making the buyers both delighted and sceptical. Even up to now, a majority of people are not clear about the differences between hemp oil and CBD oil.

Getting Your Facts Clear

It is not known to the general public but, hemp seed oil has been produced since before the death of Christ in many Asian nations. There is also information of hemp oil being used in Mesopotamia. However, CBD oil and CBD-infused products are relatively new; being used partially in the 1900s and just recently gaining mainstream attention.

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When both oils are placed alongside each other, it may be hard to identify one from the other. Basically, hemp and cannabis are two variants of the identical plant species called Cannabis sativa. Cannabis is used to address medicinal and recreational needs. Hemp-based products and oils are used for a variety of purposes. Hemp oil is made from seeds of the hemp plant, while CBD oil is derived from flowers, stems, and branches.

Hemp Oil And CBD Oil: What Should You Use?

For a new user, choosing between both oils can be tedious. Both oils are extracted from plants of the same species and both come with some health benefits. Hempseed oil is not pore clogging and has proven anti-inflammatory properties. It offers excellent nourishment to your skin. CBD oil is also said to have numerous health benefits. However, given the unregulated nature of the CBD market, finding a CBD oil with suitable ingredients can be tough. Not all brands sell products as shown in their marketing campaigns.

The Marketing Tactics Used by Companies

It is not only owing to their lack of knowledge on hemp oil and CBD oil that consumers get baffled! The marketing tactics deployed by brands selling such products also adds to the hassle. There are instances of brands selling hemp seed oil as CBD oil. This is done sometimes as the buyers are keener to buy CBD oil, thinking it is more effective than hemp oil. The packaging may be often misleading.

This image depicts hemp plant with a bottle filled with CBD oil.

You can find out the truth by checking out the ingredient list carefully. Genuine hemp seed oil is often termed as Sativa Seed Oil. CBD oil contains ingredients marketed as Cannabidiol, PCR hemp extracts, and full-spectrum hemp. It will also be ideal to buy oil that is tested by independent and third-party entities.

Some CBD oil products may contain a frugal amount of THC as well. If you are not willing to use THC, this has to be checked well. Often times, the legal limit for THC in CBD products is for there to be no more than 0.3% THC.

Hemp Oil and CBD Oil: Think From The Legal Angle

Before you shell out money to buy these two products, it is important that you know the local legal regulations! Hemp-derived products, including oil, is deemed legal from the federal perspective, but in some US states, they are still not legal.

Marijuana-based CBD products are recognized under some states but at the federal level, they are not deemed legal. Check these aspects before placing an order for these products.

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