Try Products On CannaSOS.Shop For Free!

Try Products On CannaSOS.Shop For Free!

Product Reviews

We are inviting everyone to become a Reviewer of certain health & wellness, hemp, and CBD-related products that get launched on CannaSOS.Shop upon launch. Topicals, tinctures, and possibly even edibles.

Before launch, we will communicate with applicable Sellers to provide our Reviewers with products for free. Reviewers, once they receive the product(s), are then required to try out the products and provide authentic reviews on CannaSOS.Shop for those products. *

*Some products might be unavailable due to local legal restrictions.

Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you!

Only a limited number of Reviewers are required, so apply soon! Upon acceptance, your shipping address will be requested.

If you have any questions concerning the program, feel free to check out our FAQ by clicking here.

*Disclaimer: All products are sent to the Reviewer free of charge. If the Reviewer suspects that: the product may harm them, is different than the one initially displayed on CannaSOS.Shop, or is damaged, the Reviewer has the right to refuse to test and review the product without any consequences. If there are certain legal requirements that are required to be completed by the Reviewer for the testing of the product, these requirements need to be solved directly between the Reviewer and the Seller/Merchant who sent the product for testing. Upon joining the reviewer program, the Reviewer waives any legal claims against CannaSOS.Shop and the holding company (Core State Holdings, Corp.) in advance. Upon applying, the applicant goes through a screening process and may not qualify for the reviewer program. The conditions of the product suppliers in the Reviewer’s state may have an impact on the screening process.