Your Guide To Hemp Seed Oil & Hemp Soap

Your Guide To Hemp Seed Oil & Hemp Soap


this image depicts hemp oil seeds being used to make Hemp soap

The hemp plant, the non-intoxicating cannabis Sativa, has been used since ancient times by humans for diverse needs; primarily hemp seed oil. However, hemp cultivation was once legal in the 16th to 19th century, to only be banned again in the 20th century.

Hemp cultivation became legalized in the USA after the 2018 Farm Bill passed. This put an end to 80 years of ban. However, hemp import was, and is, very much in vogue.

In 2017, $553 million was spent by US consumers on hemp-derived products such as supplements, food, body care products. Therefore, hemp body care products – notably hemp soap and hemp seed oil – are very popular and are known for their manifold health benefits.

The Basics of Hemp Seed Oil and Soap

Hemp seed oil is made by extracting the seeds of the hemp plant, as is evident from its name. It is used for skin health benefits and the oil can be used to make skincare soaps. Apart from hemp seed oil, the manufacturers add other plant oils like coconut and jojoba oil. The first hemp soap that became very popular was Dr. Bronner’s All-One! Hemp Soap.

In fact, It was made by Dr. Emanuel Bronner in 1948. It was a multipurpose soap that could be used for bathing and also for washing the dishes, washing clothes, and bathing dogs!

The Benefits of Using Hemp Seed Oil and Soap

There are multiple benefits of using hemp seed oil and hemp soap. Here are some of them:

Boost Your Skin’s Health

If you are coping with dry skin issues, using hemp seed oil and hemp soap can be absolutely useful. Hemp oil is a nice hydrating agent and it replenishes skin moisture very well. In fact, people with varying skin types can use this oil. In addition, it is good for those coping with skin infections.

If you have acne or psoriasis, hemp soap can do wonders. It is way better compared to the regular soaps containing chemical compounds. In fact, the hemp oil used contains anti-inflammatory properties.

No Intoxicating Effects

Hemp soap and hemp seed oil contain a small amount of THC, less than 0.3%. This is not going to make you psychoactive with euphoria. Therefore, you can use hemp oil and soap without woes.

Treat Aging Effects and Sunburn

Hemp oil and soap can be good for treating sunburnt skin. When you use it regularly, you can make the fine lines and wrinkles forming on the skin fade away.

One Solution for All

Hemp soap can be used by all members of the family. It is gentle and suits nearly every skin type.

Full of Nutrients

Hemp oil is replete with nutrients like proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids. Therefore, by using hemp oil and soap, your body gets its dose of such nutrients in a topical way.

Hair and Scalp Health

Hemp oil is also good for adding shine and volume to hair. Its usage removes dullness from hair and makes hair strands stronger. You can use it on the scalp or apply it after mixing with your regular hair oil.

Using with Foods

You may not have thought about it but hemp oil can be used with foods. However, owing to its low cooling temperature, you can’t use it for frying though.

Hemp oil is ideal for sprinkling on fresh salad and soups. In fact, those who do not consume animal proteins and want to obtain healthy fats can include hemp in their diets. It has a nutty flavor resembling that of sunflower and walnuts.

Always Read The Label!

Nowadays, a lot of brands are making and selling hemp soap and oil. However, you have to be careful while buying these products. Read the online reviews before placing the order and if you buy from a shop, ensure you read the labels for information on the ingredients.

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